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Small and medium-sized outdoor performance system
Specification Curves

system composition

product type specification  quantity parameter configuration
Expansion of voice box Three points frequency speaker two  1.  unit:1x15"  woofer ,  1x6.5" mid, 1x1.75 driver
 2.  rated power;500 W 
 3.  Frequency range;45-20k Hz
 4.  The sensitivity of 1 w / 1 w;100 dB 
 5.  directionality@6 dBH120 ∼x V30∼
Amplification amplifier Dual channel amplifiers one set  1.  Dual channel under the load of each channel power:2x520W 8次,2x800W 4次,2x1100W 2次
 2.  bridge mono power;2x1600W 8次,2x2000W 4次,
 3. frequency domain;20 Hz 每 20 kHz
 4.  THD<0.05%
 5.  damping coefficient>200
 6.  nput resistance;10k次/20k次
sound console sixteen ways one set  16-way input channels and 8 mono + 4 stereo. 10 high-performance microphone amplifier with power switch. Channel built-in compressor. All microphone input configuration of three channel equalizer and HPF. 7 mother Line (3 auxiliary, 4 marshalling).
equilizer  2x31 ways  one set Graphic equalizer, feedback detection system can display the audio feedback immediately. Mono subwoofer to lose The end is equipped with adjustable frequency divider. Built-in low cut filter. There are 12 leds The input and output of the battery, according to the input gain control.
effector  16ways Dual DeltaFex one set Has 99 professional quality precast reverb and delay effect.Stereo input/output interface, real stereo reverb program.
voice tube Handheld wireless microphone (1 drag 2) one set Chassis parts and removable antenna. Automatic selection frequency, automatic transmitter Settings. In the 24 MHZ bandwidth 96 of the optional channels. Usually the use of the conditions, the 80-100 - m, audio frequency response (+ / - 2 Minimum dB) : 45 Hz, the biggest: 15 k Hz.
Drag LingGa wireless microphone (1, 2) one set Dual channel diversity receiver, reliable, portable Settings. Operating range: 75 m note: actual range depends on the shooting  Absorption, reflection and interference of frequency signal. Audio channel response to a minimum: 45 Hz, the biggest: 15 kHz (system as a whole Channel depends on the microphone element).
DVD player  Blue light, with the function of USB one set Provide up to 1920 x1080dpi high-definition, with the function of USB.
Speaker cabinet (on the right side of the cabinet to choose any) Vertical flight case two Only carry more cases of hand lock, the butterfly with or without frame, ball Angle Angle, shock-proof sponge, metal roller.
Horizontal type air box two Only carry more cases of hand lock, the butterfly with or without frame, ball Angle Angle, shock-proof sponge, metal roller.
equipment cabinet Air cabinet with the function of mixer one set Only carry more cases of hand, framed the butterfly lock, metal ball Angle Angle, shock-proof sponge, roller, door open
It can be used as a table.
accessories Vertical microphone bracket two -
LF-Gold In practical usage
The cables you head In practical usage
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