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  Model Description PDF File
  NAC-204 1.1 system Active 1.1 PA system Download
  NAC-300MIX 2.1 system Multifunctional Active 1.1/2.1/3.1 Download
  NAC-402 1.1system 10"active big power sub and one 4" full range satellites Download
  NAC-12MA2 12" Active Floor Monitor Download

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  PAC-12/12A Download
  PAC-15/15A Download
  PAC-28/28A Download
  NUX/LUX/XP PLASTIC three series are classic plastic enclosure series with high quality/price ratio, by our engineers' efforts in independent research and development through years. The design is focusing on clear and delicate mid/high frequency performance.With stable driver protection circuit, light weight cabinet, high fidelity sound effect, easy and stable Multi-point suspension design, they are fit for small/medium sized venues, meeting rooms, small bars, karaoke rooms etc.

Both passive and active versions are available. The active versions are specially designed by advanced digital power amplification with switch power supply, light weight, energy saving, but powerful! The active amplifier models are designed with Class D technology, equipped with DSP function which protects the speakers very well and provides perfect sound. There are DSP presets on the back panel allowed to set between VOCAL, MUSIC, LIVE, DJ and LOW-CUT.

  Model Description PDF File
  NUX-400DSP Two-Way 12" Active speaker Download
  NUX-500DSP Two-Way 15" Active speaker Download
  LUX-102MK/LUX-102AMK Two-Way 10" Passive Speaker / Two-Way 10" Active Speaker Download
  LUX-122MK/LUX-122AMK Two-Way 12" Passive Speaker / Two-Way 12" Active Speaker Download
  LUX-152MK/LUX-152AMK Two-Way 15" Passive Speaker / Two-Way 15" Active Speaker Download
  XP-08J Two-Way 8" Active Speaker Download
  XP-12DA Two-Way 12" Active Speaker Download
  XP-15DA Two-Way 15" Active Speaker Download
  XP-152AMP3 Two-Way 15" Active Speaker Download
  APS-12 Two-way Active 12" speaker Download
  APS-15 Two-way Active 15" speaker Download
  H series wall-hanging speakers are specialized designing for conference application, also for some small sized entertainment venues, classrooms, and school halls.
1. The new fashion design, precise & exquisite craftsmanship.
2. Light weight, with Neo woofer built-in, convenient installation and safety.
3. Sound is clear & bright, pointing is extensive.

  Model Description PDF File
  H-T3/H-T6/H-T9 H Series Wall-Hanging Speakers Download
  CH-4E Two-Way Passive Sound Column Download
  H-T4/T8 Download
  SHA series is a full-range speaker. The cabinet adopts high-strength plywood, painted by natural water solvent painting with waterproof and resistant surface treatment. In demanding sound reinforcement places, the series show high-frequency analysis, penetration and clear, together with deep and powerful bass fullness. The SHA-115S, SHA-118S, SHA-215S subwoofer package use will bring better strong, clear and bright sound.

SHA Series full-range speakers are designed specially by compact cabinet sizes, high-power, non-symmetric composite horn with the horizonal 50 degree to 100 degree and the vertical 55 degree. It controls the sound within the scope of the need to reduce sound interference, greatly improves the sound clarity. The horn can be rotated 90 degree. The cabinets match the standard multi-angle suspension points, to meet the installation requirements of different places.

SHA series can be widely applied in large and medium sound engineering place, touring sound reinforcement system, monitoring, meeting rooms, function rooms, bars, discos and other entertainment venues.

Both passive and active versions are available. The active SHA-12A, 15A, 115SA and 118SA are specially designed by advanced digital power amplification with switch power supply, light weight, energy saving, but powerful.

  Model Description PDF File
  SHA-06A Active Two-way 6.5" Loudspeaker System Download
  SHA-10N Two-Way 10" Loudspeaker System Download
  SHA-12N/SHA-12NA Two-Way 12" Loudspeaker System / Two-Way 12"Active Loudspeaker System Download
  SHA-15N/SHA-15NA Two-Way 15" Loudspeaker System / Two-Way 15"Active Loudspeaker System Download
  SHA-115S/SHA-115SA 15" Passive Sub / 15" Active Sub Download
  SHA-118S/SHA-118SA 18" Passive Sub / 18" Active Sub Download
  SHA-12K/SHA-15K Two-Way 12" Loudspeaker System / Two-Way 15" Loudspeaker System Download
  SHA-215S 2X15" Passive Sub Download
  SHA-218S 2X18" Passive Sub Download
  PAW seires is mature, stable professional audio products developed by FS AUDIO engineers with years of practical experience and customer feedback, through continuous improvement and innovation. PAW series design is elegant and solemn. Its high frequency driver (3Ħħ VC and 2Ħħ aluminum horn exit) sounds extremly transparent, mid-frequency level is clear and distinct, warm and soft, low frequency is thick and full, distributed evenly, with considerable flexibility. PAW series cabinet is constructed from good quality 18mm thickness plywood, the best acoustics support calculated by computer, convex tenon manufacturing process to ensure solid structure, the big ellipse corner to avoid boxboard resonance vibration and sound edge effect. This series can be widely adopted in big conference rooms, outdoor music events and other professional places.

  Model Description PDF File
  PAW-12+/PAW-15+ Two-Way 12" Loudspeaker System / Two-Way 15" Loudspeaker System Download
  PAW-215 Two-Way 2X15" Loudspeaker System Download
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