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FS audio's line array acoustic yake series in yiwu the green ecological hotel
Green water yake ecological hotel is yiwu first is given priority to with ecological pure catering large hotel. Hotel Bridges, charactizing a fine spring day, the natural landscape and human landscape. Green ecological hotel yake 2015 upgrade to decorate, what choose a stereo equipment to make the store more harmonious ecological environment and the humanities landscape become first choice problem. Ningbo flying sound technicians on field survey and think LINX - 208 - h series line array is ecological hotel of choice.

LINX - 208 - h series line array speaker is a points system, providing 65 hz - 18 KHZ frequency response range, have a smooth frequency, in view of the large outdoor square performances and designed multi-purpose venues. Its high directivity waveguide is plus or minus 45, the vertical directivity with linear array length and the casing bend degree. Body between the vertical Angle 0,10,1 is adjustable, ensure uniform near-field and far-field for sound, the edge between adjacent body closely linked, reduced interference, ensure sound playback quality. With SHK 15 k - 12 k/all frequency NAC - 18 s subwoofer speakers and audio, the effect is best.

FS audio's LINX - 208 - h linear array orderly field installation

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